Holy $#*!, I’m really doing this.

I never expected to be a business owner.  When I was finalizing my college major, I scoffed in my dad’s infinitely wise face when he told me that choosing to study business would give me a good foundation for wherever my life might take me.  I had decided years before that I was going to study fine art, so anyone that wanted to encourage me otherwise were wasting their breath.  Right now, a part of me wishes I had taken at least one business class.

In the intervening years, I’ve been fortunate to learn the basics of human resources and how to hire and manage people when I worked at a staffing agency.  My turn as an account manager at a marketing agency taught me how marketing works and how to help others use it to grow their businesses.  My role as Director of Teachers at the first yoga studio I worked at gave me incredible and invaluable insight into what it takes to grow a yoga community.  Looking back on the path my life has taken so far, I can see that no matter what choices I made as a stubborn 17-year-old, life/God/the Universe were conspiring for me to lead me to this moment: I am a business owner.

Plover Yoga exists to make yoga accessible to everyone.  Yoga has changed my life in every way imaginable; I’m a better friend, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and steward because of yoga.  I have a passion and vision to create a community around the practice that welcomes EVERYONE who wants to roll out a mat.  I have the courage to take on a whole new practice – that of businesswoman – to make my vision reality.  And I have so much gratitude for each and every one of you, who clicked, read to the end of this post, and are willing to share a part of your practice with this new venture.

From my heart to yours, Namaste.



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