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Why practice yoga?

For a lot of people, the cost of entry into a yoga class can seem really high.  They don’t know the names of the poses, don’t believe they’re flexible enough, or don’t believe that a “stretching class” would add value to their everyday life.  Believe me, I’ve heard it all.  I even experienced some of these same fears or doubts before my first class.  In fact, I think I spent a considerable amount of time googling “yoga pose names” the night before looking for a website that would give me a picture of every pose with the name of the pose next to it.  I believed that memorizing all the names of the poses would prevent me from looking stupid during my first class.  I couldn’t find that website I was looking for, and turns out, with practice, I learned all that stuff just by showing up.


Anyway, why should YOU practice yoga?  Because yoga is a great physical workout for your body.  It’s a tri-planar exercise, which means that it challenges your muscles in every plane of movement, it improves cardiovascular health, reduces resting heart rate, cholesterol, and blood pressure, and strengthens the muscles in your whole body, particularly your core.  Finally, you don’t have to be flexible to start practicing yoga – yoga will increase your range of motion.  There’s a reason people think it’s just a “stretching class”.  All of this can lead to achieving and maintaining your body’s best health.


Yoga is more than a physical experience, though.  The physical part of it was what first brought me to my mat, but the way I feel mentally and emotionally after class is what keeps me coming back and WHY I opened Plover Yoga.  In concentrating on my breath and on my body in each posture during class, I am able to slow down and tune out the constant thoughts rolling through my brain.  I get a break from the mental chatter, particularly the mental chatter that doesn’t serve me.  By the end of class, that break gives me an opportunity to come back to my regularly scheduled life with a fresh perspective.  Problem solving becomes easier, the things that made me mad earlier in the day are not following me around anymore, and I’m always ALWAYS happier after Savasana.


It doesn’t matter how you start!  You can do YouTube yoga in your living room, schedule a private class or two with someone you trust, or dive right into a public class.  Your first 30 days of unlimited yoga at Plover Yoga is only $30.  Just try it, push past the initial hesitation roll out your mat!  On the other side of discomfort is ease, peace, and joy just waiting for you.




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