No one ever woke up one day with a mastery of yoga. They started with the basics and practiced until they got better. Every journey begins when you decide to start exactly where you are. 


Basics Yoga is the perfect first step in your yoga practice. The class is designed for anyone looking to get into yoga for the first time, but is also helpful for those who want to improve their grasp on the fundamentals after years of practice. 


You’ll learn the basic poses of yoga, how to connect your movement to your breath, how to adapt your practice to suit your abilities, and how to put your poses together to create a flow. You’ll get pointers and demonstrations from your instructor in real time along with hands-on adjustment so you’ll feel confident knowing you’re practicing the poses correctly and moving toward your fitness goals or onto more advanced classes. Bring a bottle of water and an open mind and be prepared to learn and have fun. 


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