Heated Power

This invigorating practice taps into body, mind, and soul to fire up every aspect of your life. Connect breath, movement, and inspiration on your mat and discover what's possible. Suitable for all levels. Classes are heated to 90 degrees. Learn More


This moderate intensity practice integrates breath and movement to leave you feeling recharged. Suitable for all levels.


This practice is perfect for new practitioners or yogis who want to brush up on the fundamentals of a flow-style practice. Demonstration, hands-on adjustment, and a casual attitude make this class welcoming to all! Suitable for all levels.


This mindful and meditative practice is the perfect complement to the business of everyday life. Slow down and focus on increasing your functional range of motion while tuning out the rush around you. Suitable for all levels.


Create space to unwind and rejuvenate one hour at a time. Restorative yoga uses props to support your body allowing you to completely relax into the poses and the practice. Suitable for all levels.

Heated Sculpt

Transformation is on the other side of the burn. Add weights to your yoga practice to build muscle, challenge your stamina, and create a fiery experience on your mat. Suitable for all levels. Classes are heated to 90 degrees.


The best of both worlds - begin class with an all-levels yoga flow that gives way to long, deep yin holds. This class will allow you to move your body, build strength, and increase range of motion, all in 60 minutes. Suitable for all levels.

Sunday Special

  Join us each week for a targeted practice designed to invigorate your whole body AND create an area of focus so you walk away feeling limber, strong, and serene. Suitable for all levels. On Demand only.


This class is focused on building deep core strength through yoga-inspired poses and flows. You will walk away with a deeper mind-body connection, stronger core and back, and more ease in your day. Suitable for all levels.