A strong core is a lot more than a six pack of abs in your swimsuit. It’s an essential ingredient for good health and a long, active life. And it’s not just those bikini-baring stomach muscles. It’s actually all the muscles that wrap around your middle your internal and external abdominals, pectorals, obliques, glutes and back muscles that support your spine and keep you standing upright. 


A powerful core protects you from back injuries, improves your posture, reduces your risk of falls, decreases recovery time from workouts and increases calorie burn. In your yoga practice, a tight core can help improve your balance, flexibility and agility so you feel stronger and more confident on your mat.


Got 30 minutes? You’re on your way to improved core strength with this efficient, fun class. Yoga-inspired poses will strengthen your core to help you find ease in your other yoga practices and in your overall life.  Suitable for all levels. 


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