Connect your movements to your breath in this moderate intensity practice. It pairs basic poses with a fluid, brisk pace to generate a meditative state, allowing you to focus on the present.  You’ll learn to  time your poses to your breath and forget the stress of your day. Flow classes, commonly called vinyasa,  usually include a mix of balance work, standing poses, floor work, and peak poses to improve flexibility, increase energy and stamina, and promote an overall sense of well being.


Unlike other types of yoga, vinyasa flows aren’t a strict set of specific poses. The free, open concept allows teachers and participants to get creative, designing a sequence that works for their specific yogis and focuses on areas where they may need more flexibility or increased strength. In that way, every flow class is different and you get something unique out of vinyasa every time you practice it. That’s why vinyasa flow classes are among the most popular types of yoga in the world.


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