Turn up the heat and harness the power of perspiration with this invigorating practice designed to improve your mood, build muscle and increase flexibility while you sweat out the stress of the day. Heated Power takes the endurance and high calorie burn of Power Yoga and turns up the heat. Your heart, muscles, and lungs will get a great workout while the 90-degree room acts as a pre-heated oven, gently warming your muscles to make them pliable so you can stretch deeper than ever before.


Worried about the heat? Don’t. This isn’t a sauna (150 degrees) or even a Bikram class (105 degrees). Heated Power is more like a warm summer day, a gentle heat nearer to your natural body temperature so you can enjoy increased blood flow and soft, pliable muscles without overheating. We recommend coming in a little early to acclimate to the heat and allow your muscles to stretch and soften like a rubber band. The more warmed up the muscles are, the more ease you’ll discover in your practice.


Concerned about slipping? Bring a towel. Wrap it around your sweaty arm or leg for support or use it to mop up the sweat from your mat before placing your hand or foot in the desired spot. Or invest in special yoga gloves and socks, with grips to reduce slipping. We also recommend drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your Heated Power class and replenishing your electrolytes with a sports drink, leafy greens, or watery fruits like watermelon or cucumber after your session. Classes are 60 minutes and suitable for yogis of all levels. 


Go ahead, add some heat to your yoga practice. Schedule your class today.