Want to transform your body? Adding weights to your yoga workout will give you results you can see. This 60-minute practice is packed with intensity, challenge, and sweat for benefits including sleek, toned muscles, increased calorie burn, and amped-up stamina. It doubles the strength work by adding free weights to the body-weight work common to yoga for an effective, compact workout that will chisel defined muscles and turn heads.


And don’t forget the heat. Cranking the thermostat up to 85-90 degrees adds even more challenge. Your heart and lungs will work harder, torching calories and improving your overall metabolism. The heat will warm your muscles, so you can stretch deeper than you thought possible. 


There are mental benefits too. Hot yoga practitioners report elevated mood, reduced stress and less depression. It’s also been shown to improve bone density, which declines naturally as we age and can result in broken bones and osteoporosis. Heated yoga can also control blood glucose, making it a great option for anyone at risk for Type 2 diabetes. Some yogis even find that the increased sweat leads to better circulation, which shows itself in nourished skin and clear complexions. 


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