Want to level up your slow-moving vinyasa practice? Crank up the heat. This practice takes the poses you’re already familiar with and slows them down for added toning and burn. And with the thermostat set at a tropical 90 degrees, you’ll sweat out toxins and stress while you sink deeper into the movements. You’ll increase your flexibility and range of motion and the sweat on your towel after class will let you know you’ve definitely gotten a great workout. 


And your mind will thank you, too. A warm, cozy room and the challenge of a new practice can do wonders for your mental well-being. A 2018 study found that sedentary adults who took 16 weeks of hot yoga classes experienced reduced stress, improved quality of life, and a renewed sense of control over their lives. A 2017 study also found it an effective tool for battling depression.


Heated yoga is not recommended for everyone. People with conditions including heart disease, diabetes, arterial abnormalities, or a history of fainting, and those who are pregnant or who suffer from low blood pressure or low blood sugar should consult their doctor before taking a heated yoga class.

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