Ashlee Casey, RYT 200


Ashlee entered her first yoga class 12+ years ago with one goal in mind, that yoga butt baby! Very quickly she learned it wasn’t going to happen overnight nor were all the changes going to be solely physical. What she gained instead on her mat was a sense of calm and release she never experienced before.  The benefits of her time spent on the mat slowly crept up with little (read HUGE) changes happening to her physical and mental practice along the way.  

She became a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher in May 2019 and began teaching immediately with the intent to share how a deepened yoga practice can calm and challenge even the most competitive of practitioners in a very non-judgmental and non-completive way.

 In Ashlee’s class you will link your breath and movement through easily accessible sequences to parallel the ups and downs of your life. You will gain an opportunity to find the strength to break, physically and mentally, through the uncomfortable and soar.

Alexis L. Cole, RYT 200


Yoga has been a part of Alexis’ life for over 20 years and it has repeatedly proven to be a safe and welcoming space for her to return. It has helped her navigate into becoming a stronger, more centered and compassionate woman in every realm of life. Besides feeling more comfortable and content in her body, yoga helps to free herself from limiting thoughts and beliefs, teaching her how to listen and be guided by my intuition rather than by fear and anxiety. She hopes to share these invaluable tools with others who may be struggling with similar issues.

Alexis became a Certified Yoga Instructor in 2002 at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, nestled in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts. She enjoys teaching powerful and creative sequences sprinkled with doses of inspiration and loving wisdom. Her intention is to provide students with a nurturing environment that allows the freedom to be yourself, be challenged, and transform from the inside out.

Hanna Gilan, E-RYT 500


Hanna Gilan loves practicing and teaching yoga!  As a teacher she embodies the experience, skill, knowledge, and love that come from 25 years of practice and training combined with 20 years  teaching yoga in a broad range of public and private settings. She offers a wide range of yoga workshops, international retreats,  yoga teacher trainings, and trauma informed modalities of movement and breathe.

For the past 20 years Hanna has been joyously sharing her love of this practice, teaching public and private classes as well as 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher trainings in Los Angeles. Now she is teaching here in Stevens Point.  Her classes focus on breath and movement.  Dynamic sequencing  sets the tone for an invitational class with emphasis on alignment, integration of breathe, awareness of bodily sensation, and quality of mind. Each class invites challenge, exploration, stillness, harmony, and the ongoing process of transformation.  It is her intent to share an experience that offers individuals  greater awareness and acceptance of ourselves and one another. As we move our bodies in ways that are beneficial, interesting, satisfying and fun we find new ways to embody and connect to life itself. Come practice, to move, breathe, and live more skillfully!

Kara Gunderson, RYT 200


Kara has always been called to move. Growing up on the West Coast, she found great release in dance, roller skating, or even just hanging upside down on her backyard swingset and observing the earth from a different point of view. 

As a theater and communications student at UW Stevens Point, she was formally introduced to yoga via a professor.  Kara like being guided not only by movements, but also by breath. Yoga helped her challenge herself without being competitive and find the calm she needed to get through life. 

While pregnant with her daughter, Kara received her 200-Hour yoga certification at Inner Fire Yoga in Madison, Wisconsin. Four years later, she’s a busy wife and mom, a health secretary at a local elementary school,  and teaching yoga throughout the Stevens Point community to people of all ages and backgrounds. 

With a firm belief that yoga is for all, she offers all-level classes that encourage exploration and acceptance. Kara says her own personal practice helps her body and mind both be on the same page, and that is what she strives to help those in her class do as well. 

Lisa Lee-Oswald, E-RYT 200

Owner & Instructor

Lisa never expected to start a business when she first stepped into a yoga class as a last resort to manage anxiety.  What she discovered as she stumbled her way through her first class was a newfound sense of release and a fresh perspective on the problems that had been plaguing her for months.  The experience was so liberating that Lisa decided to stumble through another class, and another, and another.

As Lisa deepened her practice, and her anxiety began to ease, she realized that she had received an incredible gift through the practice of yoga and recognized a deep desire to share the peace and personal empowerment she gained every time she stepped on her mat.  She completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training through GreenMonkey at Toledo Yoga in October of 2016 and began teaching shortly thereafter.  As life took Lisa and her family back to Wisconsin, she realized that she had an opportunity to share the practice she loves with the community she loves even more.

In Lisa’s class, you can expect to be challenged to discover your own strength and peace while you push your perceived limits.  Arrive, and discover what’s possible.

Cynthia Nelson, RYT 200


Cynthia has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Her classes are recognized for the warm and inviting environment she creates in them. She encourages all to roll out their mats, and meets you where you are, while simultaneously taking you to where you want to be. She has studied under many successful yoga teachers in the industry. After receiving her 200 RYT, she is currently pursing her 500 RYT. She teaches at local yoga studios in her community, but has always had a passion to reach outside the four studio walls. She invites all to incorporate a yoga practice into their daily routine, regardless of life circumstances or abilities. When off the mat, she is a mother to three boys, devoted wife, nurse in surgery, Fleetwood Mac lover, long trail backpacker, and born again free spirit.

Jennifer Novotny, RYT 200


Jennifer took her first yoga class almost 9 years ago and fell in love with the practice.  It started as a way to balance out running and road biking and quickly became more.  Its inspired her to live each moment more mindfully.

Jennifer received her RYT200 from Community Soul Yoga in Wausau.  She teaches a variety of classes specializing in power yoga and yin.  She offers students a space to challenge their bodies and minds,  play with their edge, and find space and peace on their mats – one breath at a time.  Her hope is you leave class feeling empowered and supported. 

She is grateful to be a part of the yoga community helping people connect with their breath and with each other.    

Bridget Olson, RYT 200


I love yoga. I know that sounds kind of obvious because I’m a yoga teacher, but since I first started practicing ten years ago it’s been a whirlwind romance. Yoga has connected me to my body, to my sense of self and to the people around me like nothing else. I love it. It’s this feeling I want to share with others, and why I do what I do.

My classes are creative and playful with a focus on movement to encourage the flow of energy.  I am passionate about exploring the mind/body connection to find balance, happiness, and well-being. In my classes you can expect an open environment where you can challenge and deepen your practice at your own pace, while still keeping a sense of humor and most of all, enjoy yoga.

Ashley Schroeder


Ashley Schroeder breathes everything wellness! After being a fitness professional for over 10 years, she has created a life style around health and wellness. She’s passionate about helping others create a deep love for their yoga practice and getting stronger everyday mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s her mission to create an environment for all students to come invited and leave feeling inspired.