Looking for a way to unwind after your busy day? Searching for a peaceful, relaxed yoga experience? Treat yourself to a slower-paced, joint-friendly workout when you join a Yin class. This slow-moving, meditative practice blends Chinese medicine with postures held much longer than in other forms of yoga, from about 45 seconds up to 5 minutes. Practitioners see increased flexibility, better circulation, reduced stress, and increased mindfulness. 


Created in the 1970s by martial artist and yoga teacher Paulie Zink, the practice is based on the Taoist principles of “yin and yang,” representing forces that are both complementary and opposing. The “yin” is represented by passive, slow-moving practices with a focus on stiff joints and connective tissues, while the “yang” represents more active, dynamic practices centered on the body’s muscles and blood flow. 


The static poses of Yin are designed to stimulate different “meridians,” or energy pathways while cultivating inner calm and stillness and tapping into one’s “primal self.”


Unlike other forms of yoga, Yin consists of a variety of low-impact floor poses held for long periods of time and performed without much muscle movement. Classes are 45 minutes long and focused primarily on the lower body. This is a great option for those new to yoga or anyone looking for increased mobility and improved health without unwanted joint stress. Suitable for all levels. 

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